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Dear Caring Parent,

We are loving parents, yet, too many times our young ones seem impossible to understand! We just know the kids are in control, not us! "What are we supposed to doooo?" we dismayingly ask. "Man, this is exhausting", we mutter. "How are we supposed to guide our children towards their success and feel good about ourselves when THIS is going on", we wonder. 

These are all normal expressions of parenting. However, they can also wear a parent down. Aware of this, I put together this booklet for unlocking your child's strengths AND staying energized yourself. It's based on my 25 plus years of nursing experience - studying, listening to, and problem solving with children and their parents. I've also gratefully used these actions and mindsets in my own parenting. 

The booklet is divided into four developmental phases, each described according to the over-arching social emotional and cognitive task of that phase.
 Each phase then has TWO key categories of insights. One explains a key insight for meeting the primary developmental need of your child. The second describes a key insight about how to navigate your life throughout the developmental phase.  
Additionally, a series of 21 emails provides you more insights and stories about each key to the developmental phase. (And yes, there's no cost). It doesn't matter if your child is a tween or teen because you get to backtrack if you feel like you skipped either their or your key insights from the previous phases. 

While recognizing that nothing is everything about parenting, I guarantee that utilizing these insights will de-mystify some of your child's behavior and strengthen you as much as what you're giving your child strengthens them.      

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